I have been following fellow photographer Sue Bryce over the past year and she has really inspired a new direction for me in my portrait photography. I have been going through her workshops and studying her work and am now ready to take the plunge. Her challenge is to start a movement of photographing women 50 and over.

In her words
“We live in this fountain of youth society and as we get older, we are more and more ignored. This makes me annoyed and I want it to change.” and “Join me in starting a 50 & Fabulous movement #50andfabulous. Let’s show the world the true beauty of these magnificent women.” and “Woman over 50 are our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughter, friends and wives. They are the matriarch of families.”

I am excited to join her in this goal of celebrating women who have experienced life.

Below is her video message of the importance of celebrating ourselves,and creating memories for our loved ones.